What is Gluten?

It’s all on the news, especially with people who have celiac disease. Is gluten good or bad for people? What is it and why do certain people get allergic to it? Since Gluten is in quite a lot of flours, wheat, and other grain products, many people think that it is in the grain itself.

Not a Bread at All

However, gluten is a protein, not associated with any grain at all. It is made of glutenin and gliadin, and the gluten gives bread dough the ability to rise and gives it its chew. However, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can’t stomach the protein – literally. The body sees gluten as a foreign invader, and attacks it, also hurting the gut walls in the process.

This can cause discomfort, bloating, and risk of nutrient deficiencies for those with the disease if they continue to ingest gluten. So, anything that contains the protein gluten needs to be made gluten free, such as gluten-free protein powder and bread.

gluten-free protein powder

Testing for Celiac Disease

Blood testing and analyzing tissue samples can see if someone has celiac disease, but if you don’t have it and are still gluten intolerant, then you may still need to go on a gluten-free diet to test it. Sometimes people are too quick to blame gluten, so going a few weeks without the protein and then reintroducing it can give some answers as to what is really going wrong.

Thankfully, whether you have to cut gluten out of your diet for health or personal reasons, many stores and restaurants are accommodating. Just be sure that you make it clear that it is a health concern if it is, then the preparers will be extra careful. In addition, analyze all proteins and protein powders as well to ensure gluten isn’t around to mess with your body.